Monday, June 6, 2011

Tattooed Tears (1979)

Nick Broomfield and Joan Churchill

Before he became an onscreen documentary provocateur, Nick Broomfield got his start with this made for PBS look at life in the California Youth Authority. It was quite a coup for Broomfield to get access to the Authority, and this remains an extremely powerful, disturbing, and moving document. Focusing on a handful of incarcerated youngsters, including kids in jail for glue sniffing and B.B. gun use, the film is a raw depiction of a dehumanizing penal system that crushes the hopes and dreams of at risk teenagers.


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  1. File does not exist any chance of a uploading it again

  2. I will reupload it to rapidshare next week

  3. rapidshare? please and thanks

  4. One of the truly great Nick Broomfield films, up there with the Rent Strike documentary he did a few years earlier..the one he did after this Soldier Girls is pretty amazing as well.

    Not having much luck with Filesonic are you! I am sure you have you reasons for using these filesharing sites..I mentioned in another post that Rapidshare is pretty good these days when you use Jdownloader but have you thought of using Mediafire at all? The great thing about MF is the fact you can download multiple files at once as well as allowing you to reconnect as many times as you they hardly ever take down the years I have been using it I have only seen it happen on a few occasions....don't work for them by the way!

    The other alternative would be to use multiupload that automatically creates links for seven or eight different hosting sites as well as providing a direct download which is very fast with no the long run it means that there is far more chance of at least one hosting site keeping the file links working..

    this is not a criticism by the way, I just thought you may appreciate some thoughts from the 'visitors' point of view...I love this blog, definitely one of the best collections of documentaries I have ever seen.

  5. do you still plan to reupload to rapidshare? I'd still like to see this documentary.

  6. Yes Danny I plan to reupload all the dead links to Rapidshare as it is most reliable. Filesonic has proven to be fast for upload but after a month all links have died. Bastards. I am currently very busy but I will try to upload it next week. This doc is great and worth the wait.


  7. look forward to the re-up of Tattooed Tears, the Channel 4 4od site shows this here in the UK and I must have watched it three or four times so it will be great to get a permanent copy.

    While I love the later Nick Broomfield films, there is something so powerful about his earlier work...anyone ever ever come across 'Proud To Be British' from the early 70s? The frustrating thing about is the fact it is being seeded on The site but I cannot join because someone made an account with the IP address I now have and it won't allow a new account to be made!

    Anyone feel like signing up and grabbing it!?

  8. Saucer stay tuned. I will have a surprise for you.

  9. Staying tuned heavy...keep those frequencies open!


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