Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Proud to Be British (1973)

Nick Broomfield

Racist, patriotic, and imperialistic, the subjects of Broomfield’s second film - in which citizens from across the class spectrum are asked for their views about being British and Britain in general - manage to hang themselves, without the need of any commentary, with their own arrogant, complacent views.  Gathering numerous face-to-face interviews with residents of the conservative stronghold of Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire, Broomfield paints an ironic portrait of racist parochial views. Spread throughout the community, from the working class patriot Mr Feltham, to the local MP Ronald Bell and even the vicar, we see a cast of regressive, hypocritical creatures.


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  1. Apart from Juvenile Liaison I I think 'Proud To Be British' and 'Monster In A Box' are the only Nick Broomfield films I have yet to see.

    Unfortunately it looks like I am going to have to wait a little longer to see 'Proud To Be British' as the file seems corrupt. I have downloaded each file three times but when I try and unzip the files it keeps giving a corrupted "unexpected end of archive" message...tried repair and rebuild but no success.

    I know its a pain but would it be possible to check if you have any issues with the files and then at least I know its my problem!

    PS> Sometimes it helps to tick the "recovery file" box when makes RAR/ZIP files as around 90% of corrupted files with a recovery file seem to repair successfully in my experience...just a thought!

    great post by the way!

  2. Asked a friend to download the rs files for Nick Broomfield's 'Proud To Be British' and she experienced the same thing as me, namely parts two and three seem to be corrupt resulting in a damaged file (though the intro section and text file UNRARs fine).....keeping my fingers crossed this can be fixed!

  3. I already reuploaded this files but my computer is dead again as a result of thunder. It only flashed and that's it. I am writing from my friends computer and fortunately I don't know my pass on RS account so you will have to wait. As my financial situation isn't at it's greatest it will take a while. Hopefully not as long as last time. I have a feeling that someone sent me on this planet only to torture me.

  4. Hey Heavy

    Truly sorry to hear about your dead computer, I know that feeling only too well, especially as the weeks go by and it slowly dawns on you how much media has disappeared down the memory hole.

    You know what they say, a good deed never goes unpunished, you create an incredible blog with one of the most comprehensive and in-depth collection of documentaries on the net, you offer it all for free and how does the universe reward you? it trashes your computer!

    Personally I have the feeling that this world is run by a gang of surreal disembodied cosmic clowns who seem to have the darkest sense of humour imaginable.

    Sorry if it felt like I was hassling you for the Nick Broomfield doc, I am happy to wait as long as it takes as I appreciate this is a labour of love, not a on-demand video service!


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