Sunday, August 21, 2011

West Memphis Three - 18 years has passed

West Memphis Three are free at last

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  1. The Memphis Three documentary just blew my mind, the moment of conviction just leaves you in shock and utter disbelief that they could have been convicted at all.

    This is then compounded by the fact that no amount of campaigning or support for the three over the last eighteen years made any difference in terms of having their shaky convictions over-turned.

    As if to highlight the deranged nature of 'justice' in this case, the only way the three got out of prison in the end was through a legal strategy of admitting "guilt" while still maintaining their innocence..ladies and gentleman we are now through the looking glass...

    Still, when you watch the excellent doc "When Kids Get Life" (posted elsewhere on this blog) you can't help but think,,eighteen years is a stupifying amount of time but at least they are out now unlike thousands of Americans who are serving life without parole for crimes committed as children.


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