Tuesday, March 6, 2012

CoSM the Movie: Alex Grey & the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors (2006)

Nick Krasnic

CoSM The Movie is a magical new kind of documentary experience, leading audiences on an enriching and sense-heightening journey into the visionary art cosmos of world-renowned painter Alex Grey. Grey is our guide on a cinematic pilgrimage through the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors gallery in New York City, where his vividly rendered depictions of human anatomy and transcendental imagery reflect the universal human experience with birth, death, family, love, and enlightenment as the unfolding iconic narrative. Fusing the power of music with stunning cinematography, director Nick Krasnic channels the raw power of Grey's art into a potent film odyssey that captures the essence of this unique sacred space, and offers rare, personal insight from one of the most significant artists of our time.


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  1. hello
    thank you so much for what you do on this blog. I choose this post to comment, but actually there is so many thing here, treasures. While i'm here i'll say something on this particular doc. I'm a huge sympathizer of the psychedelic community, and i like Grey's art(what he did for Tool, and some other stuff are truly amazing). BUT this...Chapel... is the perfect example of what annoys me with the psych comm. I'm sorry, but it looks like a megalomaniac paraphernalia, encoded with a very weird syncretism... and it pains me to say that.It's very impressive though, but i'm not sure you'd have a greater experience than, say, to stay for a while in the Rothko room at the Tate, or a room full of kandinsky, Kubin, or any symbolist painter...Well, sorry for the acrimony, thanks again and greetings from France.


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