Friday, May 21, 2010

She Stole My Voice (2007)

Justine Chang and Armand Kaye

In one of the most important and controversial documentaries of the last four years, filmmakers Justine Chang and Armand Kaye examine a crime that has been ignored, discounted, and even declared impossible. The result of years of research and production, She Stole My Voice: A Documentary About Lesbian Rape is a jarring, terrifying, and eye-opening look at this lesbian rape and sexual violence between women.  The film masterfully interweaves community responses, expert analyses, and graphic reenactments to create an absolutely unforgettable experience. Viewers will see the reality and prevalence of this crime, and learn how the community as a whole, law enforcement, and even the lesbian community itself have repeatedly discounted this crime. And in the unforgettable and terrifyingly graphic reenactments of lesbian rape, viewers will begin to truly understand the chilling and horrific experience of actual lesbian rape.

Apparently there is a lot of controversy with this documentary film, some people believe that this is more porn than actual documentary... Lets have some opinions. Please leave a comment....


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  1. It is graphic. With a lot of scenes trying to picture what a lesbian rape would look like. Those scenes are filled with nudity and actions in frames that a dismissal onlooker would just brush of as "smut". Personally, as a male I didn't have the slightest bit of erection watching it. It is not presented in the way a porn movie is presented. And beyond that it is disturbing.
    It is a bit amateur, but truly sincere. Trying the grasp something that is so alien to our everyday thinking. But in the end exists without a doubt.

    Its not a wonder, but is worth a try.
    this is my opinion.


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