Sunday, September 26, 2010

Kind request

My dear friend has started (about few months ago) to film a documentary about a man that is a graveyard keeper and in his spare time also an inventor. He cleans up graves and sells candles in order to make some money to sponsor his inventions. By the first footage he seems to be a new freakin' Da Vinci but in a modern day...something like Tesla. Now I would post a sample video but my friend is worried that someone will steal his project on which he was working very hard.

I am writing this to you because I need a small favor from you (if you can of course). He is a little bit short on resources (money) and as I see future in his project I have also donated to the cause. Since this country isn't supported by PayPal the only way that this can be done is via SMS. It isn't much but it will help him as he doesn't need a million but much less.

For all of you that like to watch a great documentary this is your chance to contribute and be a part of a one great project in which you will surely enjoy.

Donation process is simple and be sure that your phone number will be hidden and wont be used in advertising and other purposes.

Link for donation is to your left or click here



  1. fuck you. you steal others' works and you want money from us. screw yourself and your kindness

  2. If you have read the whole thing or even the beginning you can clearly see that I am not asking for any money. I have a job and I don't need it. However I thought that some people would be interested in donating money to someone that needs it.

    P.S: I don't steal others work I just promote it. Although I admit it is a slightly controversial way to do it.


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