Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Pregnant Man (2008)

Elizabeth Mcdonald


This Documentary reveals the Pregnant life of Thomas Beatie (the worlds first pregnant Man), with never been seen video footage, includes interviews with the couple and Oregon State Residents, along with there own personal home videos from their home life to her Delivery at the hospital.  When asked whether he considers himself gay when he met with Nancy — his wife now, Thomas said they were a normal couple although perceived by others as lesbians. “I lived my life as a woman at that point. Legally, I was female. But inside I still felt male. So the way other people perceived us, they saw us as a lesbian couple,” Thomas said. He said they could have normal kind of intercourse after reassignment surgery and hormone treatment. The pregnant man said they have legal problems with their first baby’s birth certificate. “I filled it out as me father, Nancy mother, and they changed it last minute, and they put her as father and me as mother. And then they changed it again and put us as parents. We’re not a same-sex marriage. We’re legal man and wife,” said Thomas.


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