Friday, December 3, 2010

Commune (2005)

Jonathan Berman


A very engaging documentary on the Black Bear Ranch Commune, an alternative living community founded in 1968 in the remote North Californian wilderness.In the late 1960s, a few free thinkers cobbled together donations, primarily from Hollywood, to buy 80 acres at the end of a dirt road in Siskiyou County, California: Black Bear Ranch, a commune with the motto "free land for free people.   Archival footage, photographs, documents and news articles, and interviews with people who lived or still live there tell the commune's history: the cold first winter, women and men doing the same work, communal decision making, emerging environmental politics, free love and family formation, child rearing and memories of growing up there, a late '70s crisis with a cult-like group that moved in, and assessment by those grown old of what Black Bear meant.


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  1. Looks good....I always love a love-in!

  2. thank you! very interesting film :)


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