Wednesday, September 21, 2011

To be deleted

As I don't have RapidPro anymore, files that weren't downloaded in the last 30 days or so are to be deleted. If someone can download it please do so that I don't have to upload them again.

Off the Grid: Life on the Mesa (2007)
Lost in Woonsocket (2007)

These are great docs and would be shame to lose them. 


  1. Downloading now.
    Keep those docos comin'!

  2. i am downin off the grid: give a shout when you need them

    but isnt easier atm: up to 2 GB files free of account

  3. Thank you both. Since the thunderstorm my computer has died for the second time this year and also the internet provider has some loses so my upload and download is really nothing more than pathetick. Hope some luck will come and sort things out.

  4. I think Off the Grid is gone . . Please repost!

  5. already downloading

    thanks for your hard work

    a friend


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