Sunday, May 27, 2012

Girl Model (2011)

David Redmon, Ashley Sabin


Documentary filmmakers David Redmon and Ashley Sabin offer this illuminating - and often disturbing - look at the challenges faced by young, aspiring Russian models determined to break into the fashion industry. Ashley (not Sabin) is a former American model who has parleyed her experience in front of the camera into a lucrative job scouting young girls in Siberia. The lucky few who Ashley selects to move on are then offered the opportunity to model in Japan. Ashley's latest discovery is Nadya, a 13 year old, self-described "grey mouse" who possesses a striking natural beauty, and who endeavors to pull her family out of poverty through her modeling career. Upon arriving in Japan and attempting to navigate the strange new world without the benefit of speaking the language, however, Nadya and homesick fellow model Madlen soon realize that nothing is what they thought it would be, and that the work they were "guaranteed" back home seems frustratingly hard to come by. Meanwhile, surreptitious contract clauses stipulate that the girls could quickly be sent home at a moment's notice, and wind up deeply in debt to the same company who promised them the opportunity of a lifetime.


Password: mkvtony


  1. Hi mkvtony...Thanks for the share, this looks really interesting. Im having trouble opening this file though. When downloaded it appears as GMD.7z -which to my knowledge isnt a file type- and even changing the file extension to "zip" it wont open...Am I doing something wrong here? If not ya might have a corrupt file' just to give a heads up on that. But again' thx for the upload and all the effort you put into these things!

  2. Works great :)

    You have to unzip the file. Just use winrar and it plays great with VLC.

    Thanks Tony!!

  3. download 7zip to open


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