Monday, June 28, 2010

The Executioners (2008)

This series explores the social history of Capital Punishment in Britain, America and France with a unique perspective through the often-overlooked and shadowy figures of the executioners themselves. Who were these men? What did they do? And what did it do to them?

Episode 1 - Hangman

This is the story of The Private Executioners…a unique history of British capital punishment, seen through the eyes of those who dispensed it. Though the hangman’s duties were grim, their experiences encompassed pathos, passion and even genuine humor. The program asks: How were hangmen selected? How were they trained? How much responsibility did they bear? Finally, did the hangmen ever believe they had executed the innocent?

Episode 2 - Dynasties of Death

The story of the French ‘bourreau’ is perhaps the most remarkable in the history of judicial executions. Nowhere were executioners more shunned than in France. Since they were carrying out the King’s work, by divine right, they were seen as mystical figures. Holy but unclean. It was nigh impossible for them to carry out any other trade. They were often forced to live outside town and city walls. Tradesmen refused to serve them. The only prospect of marriage was to marry into another.

Episode 3 - States of Death

In Britain it was the rope. In France; the guillotine. But in its short history the United States of America has experimented with a bewildering array of execution methods….And continues to do so. This programme examines the history of the five principal methods: Hanging, Firing Squad, Electric Chair, Gas Chamber and Lethal Injection.

Download: Episode 1 - Hangman

Download: Episode 2 - Dynasties of Death

Download: Episode 2 - Episode 3 - States of Death


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    I got that unbelievable email from rapidshare too, telling of stupid sounding rapids and of how they had decided on which way I was going to be losing my saved points and also informing me of new limits.
    They suck.
    However, I voted 'only if I like the doc' because hotfile doesn't let me DL continually overnight like I do with RS :(
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    I suppose if we all switch to hotfile then people, including me at some point, will have to get a hotfile account if that is where the files are..
    anyway good luck.
    Love the site and especially this doc looks great. The topic of capital punishment is always a polemic and gets the old brain juices flowing..hehe

  2. Would be interesting if this series could shed light on execution in other parts of the world other than Europe or America. Great series anyway!

  3. Seeing it from Argentina. Tks


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