Thursday, June 10, 2010

Speak of the Devil (1995)

Nick Bougas and Adam Parfrey


Having had his fill of the world’s relentless mediocrity, hypocrisy and repression, Anton LaVey declared war in 1966 by shaving his head and founding the Church of Satan. His literary blueprint for responsible self-indulgence, The Satanic Bible, soon sold millions of copies worldwide thus generating decades of media furor and Judeo-Christian wrath. But, as revealed in his presentation, LaVey’s detractors remain largely fanatical and uninformed and continue to attribute foul practices such as ritual animal sacrifices to his church, when, in truth, the nature-loving LaVey was an outspoken animal activist long before it was fashionable. Speak of the Devil explores dozens of other myths and misconceptions about Satanism and its “Black Pope”… in this, his first feature-length documentary in over twenty years, Anton LaVey will offer a rare and treasured glimpse into his private world and share remembrances of his many fascinating careers, which include stints as a lion tamer, theatre organist, crime photographer, and psychic investigator. You’ll tour the fabled “Den of Iniquity” where the maestro gives stirring concerts amidst a host of artificial human companions, designed and constructed by his own magical hands… you’ll also meet a colorful array of LaVey’s acolytes and admirers who have descended into his expansive labyrinth of ideas and practices, only to resurface far better equipped for the age-old struggle ahead.


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