Saturday, June 12, 2010

I Was Possessed by God (2000)

Caveh Zahedi


On Valentine's Day, 1993, Caveh Zahedi decided to ingest 5 grams (a very large dose) of hallucinogenic mushrooms. For the first time in his mushroom-taking history, he had an experience of "divine possession," in which he felt that a divine being took possession of his body and spoke through him, in a voice that was not his, and with knowledge that he himself did not possess. He later tried several times to repeat the experience. I WAS POSSESSED BY GOD is the documentary record of one such attempt.


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  1. I think this is FAKE!.I never saw The Whole Magic Mushrooms inside the Pot.And You?.
    Why does not He show they bunch of Magic Mushrooms inside the Pot then?.First,I just saw,that He starts drinking a liquid of who knows,what it is.Then He uses the blender to blend.What?.I cannot see it clearly.
    Why does He use a blender.That's ridiculous.After have drunk the Magic Mushrooms' tea,just chewing them up slowly!.


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