Sunday, April 25, 2010

Children Underground (2001)

Edet Belzberg


The film follows a group of abandoned adolescent street children who live in the Romanian subway system. The street kids are encountered daily with commuter adults passing them by in the station as they starve, swindle, and steal, all while searching desperately for a fresh can of Aurolac silver paint to get high with. One of the children director Belzberg follows is Cristina Ionescu. At first this child may seem to be a young man, but you later find out that girls have to become hard and boyish in order to survive. This is also very apparent with another child named, Violeta 'Macarena' Rosu, who is also a girl. The nickname 'Macarena' derives from the song "Macarena", her favorite. The film explores the children fighting, abusing themselves, and becoming out-of-control addicted to a spray paint called Aurolac.


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  1. Amazing and touching, it really made me think...
    Thank you for all the documentaries in here.


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