Friday, April 16, 2010

Join Us (2007)

Ondi Timoner


Dig! director Ondi Timoner takes the helm for this cinéma vérité-style documentary concerning the flight of four families from a tyrannical, pseudo-Christian pastor and their subsequent attempt to seek justice for the role he played in destroying their lives. After safely escaping the South Carolina compound of the religious zealot who calls himself the most perfect representation of humankind alive, the families all check into Wellspring -- a respected cult-victim treatment facility. As the deprogramming of the former cult members commences, councilors gradually discover just what it was that prompted the escapees to sacrifice their entire lives for the benefit of a church that used religion to dominate them in every possible way imaginable. But this is only the first step in their slow road to recovery, because in order to gain a true sense of closure and ensure that justice is served, these former cult members will travel back to the community they once built and confront the man who took control of their lives face to face.


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Join Us

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