Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Modify (2005)

Jason Gary and Greg Jacobson


What is body modification? According to the definition employed by "Modify" directors Jason Gary and Greg Jacobson, it's liposuction, body-building, plastic surgery, tattooing, piercings, sexual redesignation and suspension -- the hanging of one's body on hooks. "Once you've done this," says one suspender, "the rest of your life is a piece of cake." A plastic surgeon suggests that even shaving, or combing your hair, is a manipulation of your body and therefore eligible for the category. Such a wide definition allows "Modify" to make parallels between the most benign and the most radical transformations. The film delves into the practices and philosophies of those who augment their bodies, be it for vanity or artistic vision.


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  1. I have just finished watching this...This is 5/5 doc! A true must watch. The manner that this doc leads you through this type of life of people is amazing!

  2. Ovo nikako da stignem da pogledam, lepo izgleda, posebno plakat :)


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