Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Refugees of the Blue Planet (2006)

Hélène Choquette and Jean-Philippe Duval


"The Refugees Of The Blue Planet" is a very sad and truly moving documentary by Quebecois filmmakers, Hélène Choquette & Jean-Philippe Duval, about the ever growing phenomenon of environmental refugees. These are people who have been displaced as a result of the ever growing number of natural disasters (which the documentary argues are a result of global warming), or as a result of the negligence of corporations and governments who makes deals to extract hazardous resources on peoples land, utilize practices which degrade the environment, or force people off their land for the creation of monoculture farms. "They are constantly growing in number and often have no legal status, even though their right to a clean and sustainable environment has been violated." ( In numbers they have now surpassed the number of political and war refugees in the world (25 million:23 million). Oh and did I mention that these refugees aren't limited to third world and developing could be anyone.  We are taken to three very different parts of the world where people are suffering from three very different problems, all of which have made them environmental refugees. These stories are juxtaposed with interviews made by numerous scholars, human rights and environmental activists.


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