Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Trial of Jeffrey Dahmer (1992)


On january 27th 1993, Jeffrey Dahmer was brought to trial in Milwaukee for the serial killing of fifteen young men. That he commited these appalling crimes was never in doubt as Dahmer pleaded guilty, but his defence was based on the grounds of insanity. If found to have been mad, he would not go to prison, but to a mental institution for the criminally insane, from which he could petition for release every six months. The trial of Jeffrey Dahmer provides a vivid and shocking account of the activities of a serial killer. The trial itself was disinguished by a masterly summary from the court appointed forensic scientist and hinges on the prosecutions attempts to prove that Dahmer knew what he was doing when he enticed, killed and dismembered his victims. Treading a fine line between fascination and disgust towards a man who could commit such attrocious crimes, this film provides genuine courtroom footage and the facts behind the case.This programme is of great interest to all concerned with the issue of insanity as a defense, determine for yourself how and why dahmer delighted in killing black youths.


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