Saturday, March 27, 2010

Five Ring Circus (2007)

Conrad Schmidt


The "Five Ring Circus" exposes a side to the Vancouver Olympics which has not been revealed before. This film shows how this three week event is changing Vancouver forever. Find out what mayors, activists and residents think of the 2010 olympic games. With three years to go before the games, this documentary examines how the commitments to environmental, social and economic sustainability have not been kept and how the preparations for the games are affecting diverse communities. Is Vancouver getting into the spirit of the Olympics? This independent documentary promises to be controversial. The documentary features interviews with George Monbiot, mayors Derek Corrigan, Richard Walton, and Pamela Goldsmith-Jones, University of Toronto Professor Helen Lenskyj, ' Jenny Kwan(Member of the legislative Assembly), Christopher Shaw of 2010 Watch, Sara MacIntyre of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, Kim Kerr of DERA, David Eby of Pivot Legal, Betty Krawczyk, Harriet Nahanee, David Cunningham and many others. It also features appearances by Sam Sullivan, Gordon Campbell and members of the Vancouver police department.


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