Friday, March 19, 2010

Hitler and the Occult (2007)

Tudor Applen


How did Hitler decide he was a messiah and persuade a whole nation to follow him to damnation?
This is a subject that has been mined many times in fiction - Raiders Of The Lost Ark, Constantine, Hellboy, Bulletproof Monk and English horror writer James Herbert's book The Spear - as well as documentary.
Based on Ken Anderson's 1995 book of the same name, this aims to show how the Nazi party was originally made up of several occult groups that believed a messiah was on the way to save Germany. Adolf Hitler decided that he was that messiah and somehow persuaded a whole nation to follow him down the road to damnation. How did he do that? Were the reasons economic and social? Or, wait for it, supernatural? It's already well documented that he appropriated Christian symbols - the Spear of Destiny, which supposedly pierced Christ's side on the Cross, and the Holy Grail - for his own purposes. Ditto the swastika, which had religious significance for earlier cultures.


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