Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Hands on a Hard Body: The Documentary (1997)

S.R. Bindler


This humorous documentary captures contestants in a 1995 competition held annually in a Longview, Texas, car dealership parking lot. A brand new Nissan pickup truck is the prize won by the person who can keep a gloved hand held against the truck for the longest period of time (with a 15-minute break every six hours and a five-minute break every hour). Six contestants drop out during the first 24 hours -- with only two contestants still standing by the 70th hour. With an event not far from the eccentric edge found in Errol Morris' documentary portraits of oddball Americana, director S.R. Bindler shot this film in Hi8 video, transferred to 16mm. Shown at the 1997 Santa Barbara and AFI/Los Angeles film festivals.


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