Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Grizzly Man (2005)

Werner Herzog


Grizzly Man, a visually stunning and sensitive portrait of one man's life - and death - in the wild was the talk of the film festival circuit in 2005. Now, the critically-acclaimed film which documents author and outdoorsman Timothy Treadwell's obsession with the magnificent and deadly grizzly bear, is set to make its broadcast debut. After committing 13 years of study to the great bears, Treadwell presumed he could live safely among the grizzlies of the Alaskan wilderness - until he was killed and devoured by one of the very animals to which he had devoted his life. Written and directed by Werner Herzog, Grizzly Man paints a complex portrait of Treadwell, a tireless and passionate advocate for grizzly bears who died at 46 in Alaska's Katmai National Park and Reserve in 2003, after being mauled and devoured by a grizzly, along with his girlfriend Amie Huguenard. At the heart of Grizzly Man is spectacular footage of enormous grizzlies hunting, playing and fighting just feet from Treadwell and his camera. Distilled from more than 100 hours of footage Treadwell shot and left behind over his years spent with the grizzlies, many of these scenes were filmed during his last visits to the Alaskan wilderness, apparently with the intention of creating a wildlife documentary. Intimate and captivating, Treadwell's story pushes the boundary between human and nature and provides the ultimate in first-hand knowledge of grizzlies. "My life is on the precipice of death," said Treadwell. Named best movie of the year by TIME Magazine's Richard Schickel and heralded by Roger Ebert as "brilliant," Grizzly Man also received the Sundance Film Festival's prestigious "Alfred P. Sloane Feature Film Award" and the "Best Feature Documentary" award at the Telluride Mountain Film Festival. Grizzly Man has also been selected "Best Documentary of 2005" by both the New York Film Critics Circle and the Los Angeles Film Critics Association, honored by all major critics associations, and nominated for numerous awards.


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