Sunday, March 28, 2010

Llik Your Idols (2007)

Angélique Bosio


This documentary retraces the evolution and disintegration of Transgressive Cinema, which is also sometimes referred to as No Wave film movement (obviously a play on the musical genre, New Wave which emerged around the same time). At the core of the No Wave film movement were a group of underground filmmakers from New York, most notably Richard Kern, Joe Coleman and Nick Zedd who created unconventional films that disregarded traditional cinema aesthetics. The imagery and subject matter in these films was often extreme, profoundly disturbing and always in your face. The greatest strength of this documentary is how it holds your attention even if you know little or nothing at all about the subject at hand. In the interview included with this DVD director Angélique Bosio mentions how she had enough material to work with that this documentary could have easily ballooned to a five four time length. At just under seventy three minutes this documentary still covers plenty of ground as everything moves along briskly. Also the images and film clips that appear in this documentary give viewer a well rounded sample of the film’s / art that was created as part of the No Wave film movement. Many musicians like Sonic Youth, Lydia Lunch and the Butthole Surfers contributed to the No Wave film movement. Ultimately Llik Your Idols is a fascinating documentary about a rarely discussed style of filmmaking and those who helped define it.


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