Sunday, March 21, 2010

Vinyl (2000)

Alan Zweig


Alan Zweig investigates the wacky world of record collecting. An odd film made by a Toronto filmmaker who interviewed record collectors in their homes and in their favourite haunt - the record store. For those who enjoyed High Fidelity and thought that Nick Hornsby's novel was a rip off of their life story, wait until you see this one! The director's thesis is that record collectors are obsessive compulsive and are using this pursuit to make up for something that is inherently missing from their lives.


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  1. Many thanks for sharing the 'Vinyl' documentary...this and Desperate Man Blues really go together so well...there is a very interesting doc on 8-Track collectors but for the life of me I cannot remember it's name...if anyone knows..!

    I had some trouble getting Vinyl to unRARed fine but try as I might it would not play in either VLC or SMplayer...I downloaded the RAR files again and had the same problem..what is weird is usually something unRARs and it works and if the file is corrupt in any way then it is impossible to unpack, it is usually all or nothing!

    anyway, it might just be a problem on my end but just in case it isn't all I did was repair the first part of the RAR file, opened the rebuilt file and then just loaded the second file as normal and it worked fine..watching it now!


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