Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Jasenovac: The Cruelest Death Camp of All Times (1983)

Lordan Zafranovic


For over sixty years the darkest secret about Holocaust has been kept from the world. It considers the most vicious and most loyal followers of Nazi Germany, who have turned their devotion to Final Solution into a series of concentration camps, whose monstrous cruelty and savagery remain unparalleled in human history. Only four days after the commencement of the Nazi Germany military campaign against the Kingdom of Yugoslavia, the terrorist group that was trained for years by Adolf Hitler and condoned by Catholic Church to destabilize the young monarchy, seized the power and proclaimed the new fascist state. The Fuhrer generously rewarded his proxies with huge territory, while Catholic Chrch hurried to assist the murderers in
enacting their monstrous agenda and crime to come. The murderers were known as Ustashe, or Ustashas and clero-fascist state known as "Indepentent State of Croatia".

Only in largest death camp, an estimated six to seven hundred thousand Serbs, Jews and Gypsies have perished in the Ustashe death rampage, imposing the same racial purification laws of Third Reich. Headed by Archbishop Stepinac, the entire Catholic clergy advocated the Ustashe genocide, and many took part in mass executions.

The fall of Third Reich brings down the dark Ustashe regime, who flee the crime scene after demolishing most of evidence, with the majority of Ustashe lidership going to Argentina, provided with new names and documents by the Vatican. However, the advent of freedom did not let the truth come out to the world.


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